Starting Over


Some of you may know me as ‘Living the life of Chloe’ however, Ive decided to start over with this blog, which means having a complete change in name. The reason for this is because I have had a tough few months and have really feel like now I am starting to cope with my mental health issues it is time to forget about the negative and the bad things in my life and start focusing on a new chapter in my life, which will start with this new blog. Hopefully I won’t be as neglectful with ‘Clogsmella’ and you will all start to know me as a blogger and hopefully enjoy the things I have to share with you all, sometimes it might be funny, sometimes it might make you cry, and I’m hoping that with the help of you all and the start of my new happier life I will finally be back to the old Chloe rather than the shell that I have become these past few months.

So Im back in business as ‘Clogsmella’.. Im sure you will all enjoy this blog much more!!



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