Whats happens now?

Yesterday me and my boyfriend decided it would be best to have some time a part so that we can think about what we really want and what will happen next in our relationship, and to be honest it does not look good right now.

I decided to move back home a few weeks ago as his house mate was moaning about me and sydney (our little french bulldog) being there all the time. I didnt want to cause any trouble between them so I thought it would be best to return back to my mums house. Since then me and Max have hardly spoken. When I am not physically with him I find him annoying and cant be bothered to talk to him (bad, I know) and due to him being on nights its been a lot harder to talk. When we are not together he becomes very needy and constantly tells me he misses me and that he loves me, Im not that type of person and its very hard to have a normal conversation when the other people is just telling you how much they miss you.

Max is the most lovely, loving person and  I know that he thinks the world of me but he lies about little things and I sometimes feel as though he is not supportive of my future, even my mum feels he doesn’t want me to do better in life than him which is not the type of relationship I want. I do love him but the lack of trust, the fact we cannot hold a normal conversation and his unsupportiveness is proving to be a real concern for me. He complains about my bad mood, my bluntness in messages and the need for own personal space but these are all something that I cannot change, they are parts of who I am and I dont think he can see that.

Because of these reasons I feel like I do not make Max happy and he feels the same. Its like we are stuck and we do not know how to fix things. We love each other but is that enough to make things work?

I should probably explain that me and Max were together in 2015 and things because exactly like how they are now. We basically gave up on our relationship and although when we got back together we both said that would not happen again it seems like we have.

Right now I not know what is best for us? I dont even know if we are meant to be together, I mean if we have tried twice and both times have failed, is that a sign that we should call it quits?




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