Update on my life

I said that this year I would make myself become the best person possible.. well I have ticked off to massive factors that will make my goals achievable.

So the first one is that I finally have a part time job that I enjoy that will help me earn enough money to survive through the rest of my university degree. Its working in a local restaurant (not exciting I know). The people are nice, the hours are good, the money isn’t too bad and the tips are amazing. It means I can get my social life back without having to ask my mum for money all the time! Im hoping that this will help improve my depression as it gets me out of the house and will also contribute to my financial stresses.

The other massive factor was ending things with my on-off boyfriend. Know this was done over valentines week but since the break up I have been feeling a lot more confidence and feel as though I am finally getting back to my old self. Last night I went on a date with a lad I met on tinder (cringe). I was sceptical at first because you hear so many horror stories about meeting people from online dating sites but I have to say my date was lovely and actually looked like his profile pictures! He seems to be my type and I think he might be good for my future, its very very early but watch this space!



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