My Travel Bucket List

I would love to go travelling around the world. I know a lot of people that have been travelling around Australia and have had the time of their lives! but I am too much of a family girl to be away from my loved ones for that long especially on the other side of the world!

Here are just a few places that I would love to visit before I die:

The Maldives- I think everyone in the world would love to visit the Maldives. My mum and her partner went to Meeru island and it looked so beautiful and relaxing. I plan on visiting next summer with my mum as a graduation present!


Bali- A group of my friends visited bali for two weeks and their pictures looked like they had such a fun time! Not only did it look gorgeous but they got to have monkeys sit on their shoulders!! What more could you possibly want on a holiday?!


Sardinia- Im not sure why I want to go here. Ive always liked the thought of going to Italy and Sardinia looks amazing. It also has some of the best spa resorts in the world.. and you get to eat pasta and pizza all the time without feeling guilty? Why would you not want to visit?


Santorini- The only reason I want to visit here is because it looks gorgeous! Blue water, white sand and nice weather! The only thing you could ever want on a relaxing holiday!


New York City- I am a girl that LOVES shopping so why would I not want to visit NYC? not only that I would love to visit ground zero and take a trip in a yellow cab! After watching “sully” I would also love to visit just to see the Huddson River!


Bora Bora- This obviously goes without saying.. have you seen how beautiful it looks?! I think it would be much like the Maldives but why not visit two stunning places ey?


Jamaica- I know a few people that have been to Jamaica and they all say its one of the best places on earth. Not only is it a beautiful island but they say its the most relaxed and friendly places they have ever visited. The pictures that I have seen look incredible and is without a doubt somewhere I would love to visit at some point in my life!


Venice- I think I just want to visit every single part of Italy come to think of it!


Amsterdam- I just really want to visit Amsterdam to visit the sex museums Im not going to lie to you. Ive never smoked weed and I never really want to try it so I cant say that I want to go there just for that. It also looks very pretty and everyone that visits says what a lovely city it is. I think the fault in our stars shows just how beautiful it is and takes away the stigma that is linked to Amsterdam. Im also a bit of geek so I would love to visit the Ann Frank museum too. Im suppose to be going for my best friend’s 21st in June but at the moment I am not sure if that will happen (stay tuned- there is news coming)


Iceland- My main reason for wanting to visit Iceland is because of the blue lagoon. I think it looks stunning and soooo relaxing! I know people that have visited Iceland and they all say that is such a good experience and I would love to see the northern lights!





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