Friday night date night 

I always like to take my two little cousins out for something to eat and have them stay the night at least once a month. They are such lovely kids and they adore spending time with me and my mum. Alfie is nearly seven and although he can be annoying he is the apple of my eye. Darcie is three and a total brat but she’s so cute with it.

Tonight we went to creams cafe in Stevenage old town. It’s basically a dessert restaurant full of ice cream, pancakes and waffles! They also make the best milkshakes ever!

The food was amazing and the milkshakes tasted exactly like their chocolate bar flavours! For the four of us it came to  £30 which I thought was good value considering none of us could actually finish our desserts because they were so huge!

I opted for the hungry Jack’s apple pie and custard waffle with a kinder bueno white milkshake!

My mum went for the choc fudge hot-n-cold volcano. This was amazing!! Hot bits of chocolate fudge cake covered in ice cream, hot toffee syrup and chocolate sprinkles!

Alfie (a huge fan of bubblegum) obviously went for the bubblelicious sundae. Bubblegum, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with strawberry and bubblegum syrups all topped off with 100s and 1000s! He went for the m&m chocolate milkshake, which was so so yummy!

Darcie wanted pancakes so she got the crepe-au-nutella! Hot crepes covered in nutella spread with banana slices and topped with roasted chopped nuts! For a three year old that girl can eat and she demolished pretty much everything on her plate!

I would recommend creams cafe to everyone! There is something for everyone of all ages and taste and you get your moneys worth!


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