A well needed break

I am sorry that I have not been very active on here recently. Ive been battling some personal issues and decided that I needed to have a break from social media and blogging for a few weeks in order to get my life and my mental health back on track. I am finally starting to feel a lot better and have sorted my head out with all uneccessary thoughts and feelings.

So I am back and while I have been gone I have been working on a few posts that I hope you will enjoy! I have decided that with it being Mental Health Awareness Week to open up about my own battle with depression and anxiety that nearly cost me my whole future career (so stay tuned!)


Happy Easter!

I know I know, I am a bit late wishing you all a happy easter but unlike most people I have been working all day everyday over the bank holiday weekend! I am not going to complain because it meant I could get my mind of certain situations that are taking over my life at the moment. Plus, I was getting paid for time and a half and the tips were amazing so no moaning from me! It also meant Ive had the day off today so whilst everyone was moaning about going back to work I spent the day sleeping and tanning myself on a sunbed!

I hope you all got spoilt and ate your weight in chocolate. I, unfortunately, have been trying to work on my body for my holiday in June so I have stayed away from any chocolate eggs (kind of).. writing this has made me realise how boring I really have become! working and no eating easter eggs… I AM THE DEFINITION OF FUN! 

Here is a picture of my puppy, Sydney getting into the easter spirit!

It was his first easter so obviously he was spoilt.. did you know you can get doggy easter eggs?!?!?! I also treated him to a new harness and lead because he is getting way to fat for his tiny puppy ones now 😦 I completely fell in love with these barbour ones ages ago but couldnt justify spending so much money on something he would probably chew up so Ive decided to treat him now that hes grown out of the chewing stage.. so cute! (the harness and lead not the chewing stage!)

I hope you have all had a fab weekend, ate lots of chocolate and drunk too much alcohol!


My Favourite Restaurants

LOVE going out for dinner, its one of my favourite things. I just think there is something nice about eating something that you havent had to cook, you can just simply enjoy. I also find that you can never quite make food as nice as they do when you go out to eat. I have come up list a list of my favourite restaurants and my usual order from each place- this is one of the hardest posts I have ever had to write because I simply just love eating out!

George’s Bar and Grill, Biggleswade- Their fillet steak and sweet potato fries are to die for! A little pricey but I think you pay for quality.

Aberdeen Steak House, London- Again their fillet steak and sweet potato fries are incredible but I would even recommend the lamb shank! Once again its quite pricey but the quality of the food is superb. There are a number of restaurants around London, its a must when you’re in the capital.

The Broadway, Letchworth- THE best carvery around my area! The food is always so good and its so cheap as well! Everyone loves a roast dinner.. especially when you havent got to cook it yourself!

The Dragon King, Letchworth- I love chinese food so much so imagine an all you can eat buffet with the best food ever! Its constantly hot and I somehow to manage to eat and eat and eat!

Chiquitos- Spicy chicken nachos every single time!! They are literally the best nachos I have ever tasted in my whole entire life! In fact just everything off the menu is amazing! Plus with 25% student discount you cannot go wrong!

Riverside bar and grill, Bedford- Ive only ever been here a few times and every single time I have ordered the mixed grill, you get so much and its so yummy! I have never had any problems with any of our meals and considering the quality of the good its reasonably cheap!

Wagamamas- Everyone in my family thinks its so overrated but I love wagamamas so much! Obviously when you go you have to order the Katsu curry.. and their ginger cheesecake is incredible!!

Coast to coast- Everybody loves an american dinner dont they? Coast to coast do the best cocktails ever and the food is so good as well! I literally always change my mind when I go but their ribs are a must try! and of course you have to try their sweet potatoe fries (my favourite food ever)!

The Green man, Stanford- I love pub food and their home made pizzas are so good (and massive), they also do really yum steak as well! It can be a bit expensive depending on what you order but its a lovely country pub with a fab beer garden!



I am finally getting a holiday!

After a year from hell due to a delayed recovery from a routine operation, battling depression, nearly being discontinued from my university course and a messy break up.. I am finally getting away for a week!

I went to see my step mum (shes not exactly my step mum anymore seeing as her and my dad have split up but thats the best way to describe her) last night and one minute we was eating pizza and talking about boys.. the next minute she has booked us a holiday to Majorca. We are going to stay with her dad for a week and I am beyond excited to leave behind all my stresses and enjoy relaxing in the sun.

Im hoping that it will cheer me up a lot and that I can come home and get my life back in order before returning to university in August. Ive already started holiday shopping (obviously the best part of booking a holiday) but I am really struggling to find clothes that really impress me and does not show my bum cheeks or my nipples! please feel free to point me in the direction of some amazing summer clothes and cute swimwear!

Guess its time to work on my bikini body now I actually have a holiday booked!.. oh and I better apply for a new passport.


Friday night date night 

I always like to take my two little cousins out for something to eat and have them stay the night at least once a month. They are such lovely kids and they adore spending time with me and my mum. Alfie is nearly seven and although he can be annoying he is the apple of my eye. Darcie is three and a total brat but she’s so cute with it.

Tonight we went to creams cafe in Stevenage old town. It’s basically a dessert restaurant full of ice cream, pancakes and waffles! They also make the best milkshakes ever!

The food was amazing and the milkshakes tasted exactly like their chocolate bar flavours! For the four of us it came to  £30 which I thought was good value considering none of us could actually finish our desserts because they were so huge!

I opted for the hungry Jack’s apple pie and custard waffle with a kinder bueno white milkshake!

My mum went for the choc fudge hot-n-cold volcano. This was amazing!! Hot bits of chocolate fudge cake covered in ice cream, hot toffee syrup and chocolate sprinkles!

Alfie (a huge fan of bubblegum) obviously went for the bubblelicious sundae. Bubblegum, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with strawberry and bubblegum syrups all topped off with 100s and 1000s! He went for the m&m chocolate milkshake, which was so so yummy!

Darcie wanted pancakes so she got the crepe-au-nutella! Hot crepes covered in nutella spread with banana slices and topped with roasted chopped nuts! For a three year old that girl can eat and she demolished pretty much everything on her plate!

I would recommend creams cafe to everyone! There is something for everyone of all ages and taste and you get your moneys worth!


This morning I decided to start some revision. I have been off university for a few months now due to mental health reasons and I feel like I have forgotten everything! So I got my books out and started reading and taking notes…. five minutes later and I am bored senseless!

It has also dawned on me that I literally have no idea how revise! How do you make the information stay in your brain?! I have literally tried everything but I just get distracted and then I realise I have taken nothing in at all and end up rereading everything constantly..

So fellow bloggers I am needing your help, please help me learn to revise- Im training to be a nurse so all this information is beyond important!!!!!


Mothers Day

So first of all I hope all you mothers got absolutely spoilt yesterday by your loved ones yesterday!

Secondly, I would like to shout out to my own mother who is literally one in a million. Since my dad left she has literally made sure I have never wanted for anything, she has always made sure I have everything I want and need even if it meant that she would have to go without. Me and her are more like best friends, we tell each other everything, we argue like best friends and we get on like best friends. I have no idea what I would do without her, she has made me everything I am today and although I have put her through so much stress (especially lately) she is always there cheering me on and showing me support. I love her more than anything in this world, and she knows that even though we don’t say it much.

This mothers day I actually have a job which meant I could completely spoil my mum, just like she deserves. I got her the usual stuff: flowers, candles and pyjamas (her favourite things, and things you cannot go wrong with on mothers day) but I also have arranged a trip to London for a Skyline Afternoon Tea. Im super excited to go because, although its always just been me and mum, we have never done anything special like this together. So we are going to spend the day in the city having afternoon tea, shopping and getting very very drunk together!