10 Things I Could Not Live Without

I don’t think I need much in life to be happy but there are certainly a few things/people that I could 100% not be without or be the same me without.

  1. My phone – I know this is so bad but unfortnately we are living a world where technology is taking over and I am one of them people that has a panic attack if I leave my phone at home or the battery dies when I am out. I just love being able to know I can get help if I need it, I can communicate with people easily and when Im bored or in an awkward situation I have a get out card!
  2. My family – That obviously goes without saying. I am really lucky to have such a close family. My mum is more like a best friend and I see my grandparents on a regular basis (pretty much every day). They keep me grounded, help me to remain focus and always pick up the pieces when I make bad decisions. I could not imagine myself moving far away from my mum, I always picture myself in the same village or town because I think otherwise I would end up with seperation anxiety!
  3. My friends – This mainly is linked to my best friend Emma because I honestly dont know where I would be without her. She has been there for me through everything and I could not thank her enough for everything. There probably isnt a day where I dont speak to her, she brightens up my world and shes giving me a lovely little godson in October! Obviously my other friends are just as important, those that I speak to pretty much every day and those that I maybe dont speak to as much as I used to. They have all at some point supported me through some dark times and have given me the best years ever whilst growing up.
  4. Sydney – for those of you that do not know, Sydney is my little 10 month old French Bulldog. He pretty much saved me when I was at my lowest point, he came into my world and although hes a naughty little pup he has made everything so much better. I cant imagine a life without his little fat face now.
  5. Moisturiser – What girl can live without this? Its got to be my favourite beauty product ever! I literally have about 10 different moisturisers.
  6. My car – Since learning to drive I have become the laziest person in the whole world and I cannot remember the last time I took the 10 minute walk to the shop up the road (why would I when I could be there and back in that time?). (I am also starting to realise that I am probably coming across as very materalistic but im not.. I promise!)
  7. Double effect eye make up remover – I cannot tell you how many times this has saved my life! I am a huge fan of benefit’s they’re real! mascara and if youve tried it then you know there is nothing that will make it budge but this eye make up remover is incredible! It gets all type of eye make off and it doesnt burn or leave your lashes matted together!
  8. Benefit They’re real! mascara – ^^ mentioned above it is my favourite mascara ever. I literally have a shortest lashes in the world so its important to me that I have a good mascara that gives me lashes! well this mascara makes me look like a false lashes on, its amazing and stays on forever!
  9. Kindle – I love reading and it got the point where buying books was a no anymore because I was starting to run of room for them all. My stepdad brought me a kindle for christmas its one of the best things that someone has ever brought for me. I take it every where with me just in case I get bored. The battery life is great and I can escape the world whilst on my way to university and on my lunch breaks.
  10. Vogue – I love fashion- I love wearing it, I love looking at it, I love reading about it. Vogue is my favourite monthly read. A lot of people ask me why I buy it because theyre convinced its just full of pictures.. but its the pictures I love it. Its fashion as its best!!


I am finally getting a holiday!

After a year from hell due to a delayed recovery from a routine operation, battling depression, nearly being discontinued from my university course and a messy break up.. I am finally getting away for a week!

I went to see my step mum (shes not exactly my step mum anymore seeing as her and my dad have split up but thats the best way to describe her) last night and one minute we was eating pizza and talking about boys.. the next minute she has booked us a holiday to Majorca. We are going to stay with her dad for a week and I am beyond excited to leave behind all my stresses and enjoy relaxing in the sun.

Im hoping that it will cheer me up a lot and that I can come home and get my life back in order before returning to university in August. Ive already started holiday shopping (obviously the best part of booking a holiday) but I am really struggling to find clothes that really impress me and does not show my bum cheeks or my nipples! please feel free to point me in the direction of some amazing summer clothes and cute swimwear!

Guess its time to work on my bikini body now I actually have a holiday booked!.. oh and I better apply for a new passport.


The squad is growing by one!

I can finally tell the world- my best friend is expecting! Ive known for a while now and it has been  so hard to keep my mouth shut because I am beyond excited to have a little baby in the group! Everybody loves babies dont they (especially when its not yours and you can give it back when it poops) so the news is really exciting for me and my friends.

Emma has had such a tough time and she truly deserves to be happy. Now she has found someone she wants to spend her life with and they have created a new life- I could not be more happy or proud of her.

The baby is not due until the 3rd of October so you are all safe from baby spam for a few months yet but just a warning- the baby is going to be my own little blog mascot!


My Travel Bucket List

I would love to go travelling around the world. I know a lot of people that have been travelling around Australia and have had the time of their lives! but I am too much of a family girl to be away from my loved ones for that long especially on the other side of the world!

Here are just a few places that I would love to visit before I die:

The Maldives- I think everyone in the world would love to visit the Maldives. My mum and her partner went to Meeru island and it looked so beautiful and relaxing. I plan on visiting next summer with my mum as a graduation present!


Bali- A group of my friends visited bali for two weeks and their pictures looked like they had such a fun time! Not only did it look gorgeous but they got to have monkeys sit on their shoulders!! What more could you possibly want on a holiday?!


Sardinia- Im not sure why I want to go here. Ive always liked the thought of going to Italy and Sardinia looks amazing. It also has some of the best spa resorts in the world.. and you get to eat pasta and pizza all the time without feeling guilty? Why would you not want to visit?


Santorini- The only reason I want to visit here is because it looks gorgeous! Blue water, white sand and nice weather! The only thing you could ever want on a relaxing holiday!


New York City- I am a girl that LOVES shopping so why would I not want to visit NYC? not only that I would love to visit ground zero and take a trip in a yellow cab! After watching “sully” I would also love to visit just to see the Huddson River!


Bora Bora- This obviously goes without saying.. have you seen how beautiful it looks?! I think it would be much like the Maldives but why not visit two stunning places ey?


Jamaica- I know a few people that have been to Jamaica and they all say its one of the best places on earth. Not only is it a beautiful island but they say its the most relaxed and friendly places they have ever visited. The pictures that I have seen look incredible and is without a doubt somewhere I would love to visit at some point in my life!


Venice- I think I just want to visit every single part of Italy come to think of it!


Amsterdam- I just really want to visit Amsterdam to visit the sex museums Im not going to lie to you. Ive never smoked weed and I never really want to try it so I cant say that I want to go there just for that. It also looks very pretty and everyone that visits says what a lovely city it is. I think the fault in our stars shows just how beautiful it is and takes away the stigma that is linked to Amsterdam. Im also a bit of geek so I would love to visit the Ann Frank museum too. Im suppose to be going for my best friend’s 21st in June but at the moment I am not sure if that will happen (stay tuned- there is news coming)


Iceland- My main reason for wanting to visit Iceland is because of the blue lagoon. I think it looks stunning and soooo relaxing! I know people that have visited Iceland and they all say that is such a good experience and I would love to see the northern lights!




Update on my life

I said that this year I would make myself become the best person possible.. well I have ticked off to massive factors that will make my goals achievable.

So the first one is that I finally have a part time job that I enjoy that will help me earn enough money to survive through the rest of my university degree. Its working in a local restaurant (not exciting I know). The people are nice, the hours are good, the money isn’t too bad and the tips are amazing. It means I can get my social life back without having to ask my mum for money all the time! Im hoping that this will help improve my depression as it gets me out of the house and will also contribute to my financial stresses.

The other massive factor was ending things with my on-off boyfriend. Know this was done over valentines week but since the break up I have been feeling a lot more confidence and feel as though I am finally getting back to my old self. Last night I went on a date with a lad I met on tinder (cringe). I was sceptical at first because you hear so many horror stories about meeting people from online dating sites but I have to say my date was lovely and actually looked like his profile pictures! He seems to be my type and I think he might be good for my future, its very very early but watch this space!



So after a mix up with the broadband providers and having to live in the stone ages for 2 weeks, I finally have internet again! I never knew how much I relied on the internet until I didnt have it anymore, I felt like my left arm had been removed.

But I am back now (YAY), I am off to work now (yes, I have a new job at last!) and I have so much to fill you all in on so stay turned for my new blog post later on tonight!

Oh it feel so good to be back!