10 Things I Could Not Live Without

I don’t think I need much in life to be happy but there are certainly a few things/people that I could 100% not be without or be the same me without.

  1. My phone – I know this is so bad but unfortnately we are living a world where technology is taking over and I am one of them people that has a panic attack if I leave my phone at home or the battery dies when I am out. I just love being able to know I can get help if I need it, I can communicate with people easily and when Im bored or in an awkward situation I have a get out card!
  2. My family – That obviously goes without saying. I am really lucky to have such a close family. My mum is more like a best friend and I see my grandparents on a regular basis (pretty much every day). They keep me grounded, help me to remain focus and always pick up the pieces when I make bad decisions. I could not imagine myself moving far away from my mum, I always picture myself in the same village or town because I think otherwise I would end up with seperation anxiety!
  3. My friends – This mainly is linked to my best friend Emma because I honestly dont know where I would be without her. She has been there for me through everything and I could not thank her enough for everything. There probably isnt a day where I dont speak to her, she brightens up my world and shes giving me a lovely little godson in October! Obviously my other friends are just as important, those that I speak to pretty much every day and those that I maybe dont speak to as much as I used to. They have all at some point supported me through some dark times and have given me the best years ever whilst growing up.
  4. Sydney – for those of you that do not know, Sydney is my little 10 month old French Bulldog. He pretty much saved me when I was at my lowest point, he came into my world and although hes a naughty little pup he has made everything so much better. I cant imagine a life without his little fat face now.
  5. Moisturiser – What girl can live without this? Its got to be my favourite beauty product ever! I literally have about 10 different moisturisers.
  6. My car – Since learning to drive I have become the laziest person in the whole world and I cannot remember the last time I took the 10 minute walk to the shop up the road (why would I when I could be there and back in that time?). (I am also starting to realise that I am probably coming across as very materalistic but im not.. I promise!)
  7. Double effect eye make up remover – I cannot tell you how many times this has saved my life! I am a huge fan of benefit’s they’re real! mascara and if youve tried it then you know there is nothing that will make it budge but this eye make up remover is incredible! It gets all type of eye make off and it doesnt burn or leave your lashes matted together!
  8. Benefit They’re real! mascara – ^^ mentioned above it is my favourite mascara ever. I literally have a shortest lashes in the world so its important to me that I have a good mascara that gives me lashes! well this mascara makes me look like a false lashes on, its amazing and stays on forever!
  9. Kindle – I love reading and it got the point where buying books was a no anymore because I was starting to run of room for them all. My stepdad brought me a kindle for christmas its one of the best things that someone has ever brought for me. I take it every where with me just in case I get bored. The battery life is great and I can escape the world whilst on my way to university and on my lunch breaks.
  10. Vogue – I love fashion- I love wearing it, I love looking at it, I love reading about it. Vogue is my favourite monthly read. A lot of people ask me why I buy it because theyre convinced its just full of pictures.. but its the pictures I love it. Its fashion as its best!!


I am finally getting a holiday!

After a year from hell due to a delayed recovery from a routine operation, battling depression, nearly being discontinued from my university course and a messy break up.. I am finally getting away for a week!

I went to see my step mum (shes not exactly my step mum anymore seeing as her and my dad have split up but thats the best way to describe her) last night and one minute we was eating pizza and talking about boys.. the next minute she has booked us a holiday to Majorca. We are going to stay with her dad for a week and I am beyond excited to leave behind all my stresses and enjoy relaxing in the sun.

Im hoping that it will cheer me up a lot and that I can come home and get my life back in order before returning to university in August. Ive already started holiday shopping (obviously the best part of booking a holiday) but I am really struggling to find clothes that really impress me and does not show my bum cheeks or my nipples! please feel free to point me in the direction of some amazing summer clothes and cute swimwear!

Guess its time to work on my bikini body now I actually have a holiday booked!.. oh and I better apply for a new passport.


Mothers Day

So first of all I hope all you mothers got absolutely spoilt yesterday by your loved ones yesterday!

Secondly, I would like to shout out to my own mother who is literally one in a million. Since my dad left she has literally made sure I have never wanted for anything, she has always made sure I have everything I want and need even if it meant that she would have to go without. Me and her are more like best friends, we tell each other everything, we argue like best friends and we get on like best friends. I have no idea what I would do without her, she has made me everything I am today and although I have put her through so much stress (especially lately) she is always there cheering me on and showing me support. I love her more than anything in this world, and she knows that even though we don’t say it much.

This mothers day I actually have a job which meant I could completely spoil my mum, just like she deserves. I got her the usual stuff: flowers, candles and pyjamas (her favourite things, and things you cannot go wrong with on mothers day) but I also have arranged a trip to London for a Skyline Afternoon Tea. Im super excited to go because, although its always just been me and mum, we have never done anything special like this together. So we are going to spend the day in the city having afternoon tea, shopping and getting very very drunk together!


The squad is growing by one!

I can finally tell the world- my best friend is expecting! Ive known for a while now and it has been  so hard to keep my mouth shut because I am beyond excited to have a little baby in the group! Everybody loves babies dont they (especially when its not yours and you can give it back when it poops) so the news is really exciting for me and my friends.

Emma has had such a tough time and she truly deserves to be happy. Now she has found someone she wants to spend her life with and they have created a new life- I could not be more happy or proud of her.

The baby is not due until the 3rd of October so you are all safe from baby spam for a few months yet but just a warning- the baby is going to be my own little blog mascot!



Hemsby is a little seaside village on the Norfolk coast, its very near to Great Yarmouth and isn’t the most pretty or fun places in the world- but it has hosted some of the best times of my life whilst I was growing up.

Since before I was born my Nan and Grandad have been going to Hemsby for weekends away and have always owned caravans there, they have even moved there twice (but always return back to where their family are). We we not the type of family that go abroad but the caravan made us a very close family and everybody was always happy whilst we was there.

The caravan was a site called “The Newport”. It has sandparks and a club house and an amusements (everything a child wants on holiday). The best bit was the club house! The kids would dance and run riot while the parents drank a lot of alcohol. Like very sensible grandparents mine would drive up the club house (because it was a whole five minutes walk to the caravan) and get soooo drunk and then would sit either me or my cousin on their lap on the way home and let us drive the car back the caravan. sensible. It wasnt dangerous (maybe a little bit) but it was literally just a straight road that led straight to the drive way of the caravan so it wasnt really as bad as it sounds! But as young children we thought we was really cool driving a car when in reality we was just sat on our grandparents laps while they done all the pedal work!

The club house used to have a children’s entertainment section before the adult band came on. This would involve playing silly dance games, pass the parcel and of course people in costumes- my favourite was Charlie the Chipmunk. Looking back, Charlie was very scary looking but at the time all the kids loved him and he was often the highlight of the night. He would dance and sing (so much fun!). However, now, as a 21 year old, I am absolutely petrified of anybody in costumes- and it is all thanks to Charlie the Chipmunk. One day I won the dancing competition and Charlie was handing out the prizes (I cannot explain to you how excited I was to be winning and going up on stage with the one and only Charlie the Chipmunk!) but poor charlie couldn’t see properly out of his costume (or because he was probably very drunk as well- the man inside the costume is a known alcoholic now) and he smacked me right in the head, pushing me off the stage in front of everyone! I now hate Charlie.

One of my favourite things ever whilst being down the caravan was going on long dog walks with my Grandad and Bailey (their King Charles Caviler). We used to walk along the beach for miles and miles and I would alway get an icecream at the end of it (that is probably the main reason I went). I loved spending that time with my Grandad because we are so close and  I know that when he isnt here I will also look back and have really fond memories of our time together, even if I did usually moan that my feet were hurting after walking for 2 hours.

Ive also met some friends for life down there. Even to do this day I still speak to some of the people I met there even though its been ten years! There was a group of us that were down there nearly every weekend and so we got very friendly and would spend our days and nights at the sandpark or on the beach! There was me, Danny, Bradley, Shaun and Jordan.. over the years more people were added to the group but we were the originals. I see Shaun and Bradley when I go down there now and we all keep in contact still. In fact Danny has just had a beautiful little boy, its amazing how we have all grown up together and how different all our lives have panned out.. so different from what we thought would happen.

So there is a little bit about my favourite place in the world and some of the memories that I have experienced there, writing this has made me realise I need to go back there soon because I miss how happy I am when I am there!