Pray for Manchester

I just wanted to take the opportunity to express how heartbroken I am after the events that took place at the Ariana Grande concernt last night in Manchester.

I do not personally know anybody that has been affected but that does not mean I am sad for those who were involved. I pray that the death toll does not rise any more and that those missing are reunited with their families alive and well as soon as possible.

Those who are fighting for their lives in hospitals I pray for you all to recover, to stay strong and keep on fighting.

For those families who are sitting by their loved ones sides in those hospital beds, I pray that you keep strong and know we are all thinking of you at the god awful time.

I pray that those who have lost their lives died having had the best night of their lives, nobody deserves to go to a concert and not come home.

For those families that have lost loved ones, know you have the whole worlds love and support and we pray for you at this awful time.

For the emergency services and other public services that ran towards the danager whilst others were running away, we salute you! You have the bravery and courage that saved so many people’s lives. As a country we cannot thank you enough for working over time to ensure all services were avilable to those who needed it and are currently needing it.

I pray for Ariana who released a statement saying she was broken and sorry. This was not her fault. All she wanted was to share her music with her fans, and her fans to enjoy themselves and have a good night. She provided them with that, many of them fans had the time of their lives and it was all thank to her. What an awful thing that she felt she had to apologise.

And to the people of Manchester I pray you do not stop fighting. I pray you do not live in fear after this. I pray you pull together as a community and you show these cowardly individuals that you are not afraid, we are not afraid. I have heard so many stories of how strong the people of Manchester have been, from Taxi’s turning the meters off last night and giving free lifts, to NHS workers going into work off shift to help out, to hotels taking in the young who have lost their families, to the homeless helping care for the wounded, you are all so brave and as a community you are showing the world and the organisation behind this attack that you are not afraid.

I saw a quote today and it has really stuck with me:

we live on such a beautiful planet but in such an ugly world