Happy Easter!

I know I know, I am a bit late wishing you all a happy easter but unlike most people I have been working all day everyday over the bank holiday weekend! I am not going to complain because it meant I could get my mind of certain situations that are taking over my life at the moment. Plus, I was getting paid for time and a half and the tips were amazing so no moaning from me! It also meant Ive had the day off today so whilst everyone was moaning about going back to work I spent the day sleeping and tanning myself on a sunbed!

I hope you all got spoilt and ate your weight in chocolate. I, unfortunately, have been trying to work on my body for my holiday in June so I have stayed away from any chocolate eggs (kind of).. writing this has made me realise how boring I really have become! working and no eating easter eggs… I AM THE DEFINITION OF FUN! 

Here is a picture of my puppy, Sydney getting into the easter spirit!

It was his first easter so obviously he was spoilt.. did you know you can get doggy easter eggs?!?!?! I also treated him to a new harness and lead because he is getting way to fat for his tiny puppy ones now 😦 I completely fell in love with these barbour ones ages ago but couldnt justify spending so much money on something he would probably chew up so Ive decided to treat him now that hes grown out of the chewing stage.. so cute! (the harness and lead not the chewing stage!)

I hope you have all had a fab weekend, ate lots of chocolate and drunk too much alcohol!